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November 6th, 2006

10:26 pm - The Dr Phil Random Quote Generator!

Link to quote generator  - Click on that and go to "Time wasters" For some reason it won't let me link to the generator properly.

"You don't need a pack of wild horses to hear me ramble like a boob"

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January 5th, 2006

08:44 pm - It just gets worse!

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November 1st, 2005

07:55 pm - this was worst holloween evar. :(
i dress as dr fill and evry one say how much they like dr fill. then i run into dr fill and his kids. :( they dress like me for holloween. :((( he look at me and say he honered i dress like him. then i ask why he dress like me and he say, "son, your the scaryest thing i now." i tell him to go away and leev me alone. then i here one of his kid ask if im toylet boy. then he takes my candy. :(( im happy my mom buy too much candy becuse i get to eat that.
Current Mood: depresseddepressed

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October 23rd, 2005

09:40 pm - i love holloween :)
t is only a week away. i wach skary moveys evry week end. i wach ring 1 and ring 2. i by new skary game called fear. :) it think it is a segual to ring 2. it has the same skary girl. 8-O i love fear game!! lol i pee my pants becuse it scare me so much. gess who im going to be for holloween. im going as dr fill. lol i will wak to evry one and say, "look at me im a bold dork." who are you going to be for holloween? :D

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September 15th, 2005

07:48 pm - dr fill takes my girlfrends!!!
I have more storeys abot dr fill.

i was coming home from dick longs video store. i saw these to cute
girls holding hands. i wak up to them and ask if they are lesbeans. i
said i wood pay them money if they perform for me at home. i told them
i wood pay them 200$ and woodnt tell anyone. then they start yelling
at me. :( they call me pervert. then one of them puched me in the
mouth. then the other lesbean kik my bum. then she grabed my
underware and pulled it over my head. it hurt bad. :( then dr fill
drives by in his convertable and yells out "son, i dont no what to do
with you." then he tells the girls to get in so i dont bother them
anymore. i bet they perform for dr fill for free. :(((


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September 12th, 2005

08:05 pm - dr fill plays meen tricks on peeple
july 12 is my birthday and dr fill gave me presant. he gave me axe body stuff. i thawt dr fill was neet. then i use axe body stuff and this happen. i post it in gameing group. i will copy it.
axe body stuff doesnt work :(
i use this stuff all week and i still dont have sex. axe said it will
make girls like you. i went to a bar and everyone made fun of me. :( i
told one girl she is the most butiful girl with the best body. i want
to tuch her body. she threw her drink at me and said to go away to fat
f---. if a girl said she wanted to tuch me i would let her why wont
girls let yuo tuch them when you ask them to? :( then this big guy
told me to get out and never show my fat f--- face again. dr fill
tricked me. :-II he said this suff wood help and it didnt. i hate dr
fill. :(((

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10:08 am
dr. phil is a fatass
how the hell is he telling me how to lose weight

...ugly fatass
Current Mood: PISSED
Current Music: idioteque- radiohead

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September 9th, 2005

08:45 pm - dr fill is a stopid dork!!!
i was on dr fill once. i wrote about it in pc game newsgroup. this is what i rite.

i get to be on tv. i went to the dr fill show. my parents said he culd
help me. i told dr fill about the dorks at mcdonalds who called me
names. then i told him about the dorks at wendys who called me jello
gut. dr fill said "son you eat because your unhappy and your unhappy
becasue you eat. its a vicious cycle. there is someone you need to
get in touch with and forgive. yourself" it all made sense to me. then
i told him about this dork on the compuer who said my girlfrend was a
man. he said "son dont beleve everytihng you here. your girldrend is
not a man" then my girlfrend stod up in all the peeple and said im not
a woman. why do you think ima woman. dr fill said "son how can you not
now that is a man. he has a mustash" i said i thaugh she was italian
then i was so embareassed i cried in front of everyone. the last thing
dr fill siad to me was "son you need to get out more. i have never
told anyone to see a stip club but you need to go to a strip club" i
said i now what a woman look like have have a big naked movie
colection. dr fill said to get of my show. ;( i cant wate to see
myself on tv!! :D have you be on tv/

i live in same city as dr fill. i write about it many time. i will tell more saturday. im tired.

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May 22nd, 2005

02:12 am
I believe the whole show is irritating and lame. Such as the good "doctor" himself is.

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02:08 am - i just wish he would get lost in a texas sandstorm so he couldnt "help" ppl anymore
DR PHIL SUCKS!!!!! HE RUINS MY LIFE!!! go to hell u bald fuck..
Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: oh - ludacris & ciara

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