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dr fill is a stopid dork!!! - hey hey hey!

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September 9th, 2005

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08:45 pm - dr fill is a stopid dork!!!
i was on dr fill once. i wrote about it in pc game newsgroup. this is what i rite.

i get to be on tv. i went to the dr fill show. my parents said he culd
help me. i told dr fill about the dorks at mcdonalds who called me
names. then i told him about the dorks at wendys who called me jello
gut. dr fill said "son you eat because your unhappy and your unhappy
becasue you eat. its a vicious cycle. there is someone you need to
get in touch with and forgive. yourself" it all made sense to me. then
i told him about this dork on the compuer who said my girlfrend was a
man. he said "son dont beleve everytihng you here. your girldrend is
not a man" then my girlfrend stod up in all the peeple and said im not
a woman. why do you think ima woman. dr fill said "son how can you not
now that is a man. he has a mustash" i said i thaugh she was italian
then i was so embareassed i cried in front of everyone. the last thing
dr fill siad to me was "son you need to get out more. i have never
told anyone to see a stip club but you need to go to a strip club" i
said i now what a woman look like have have a big naked movie
colection. dr fill said to get of my show. ;( i cant wate to see
myself on tv!! :D have you be on tv/

i live in same city as dr fill. i write about it many time. i will tell more saturday. im tired.

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Date:December 11th, 2005 11:22 pm (UTC)
Jesus Christ, you're fucking hilarious.

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